Maternal mRNA Deadenylation is Defective in in Vitro Matured Mouse and Human Oocytes
    作者: Yusheng Liu, Wenrong Tao, Shuang Wu, Yiwei Zhang, Hu Nie, Zhenzhen Hou, Jingye Zhang, Zhen Yang, Zi-Jiang Chen, Jiaqiang Wang, Falong Lu, and Keliang Wu
    刊物名称: Nature Communications
    Oocyte in vitro maturation is a technique in assisted reproductive technology. Thousands of genes show abnormally high expression in in vitro maturated metaphase II (MII) oocytes compared to those matured in vivo in bovines, mice, and humans. The mechanisms underlying this phenomenon are poorly understood. Here, we use poly(A) inclusive RNA isoform sequencing (PAIso-seq) for profiling the transcriptome-wide poly(A) tails in both in vivo and in vitro matured mouse and human oocytes. Our results demonstrate that the observed increase in maternal mRNA abundance is caused by impaired deadenylation in in vitro MII oocytes. Moreover, the cytoplasmic polyadenylation of dormant Btg4 and Cnot7 mRNAs, which encode key components of deadenylation machinery, is impaired in in vitro MII oocytes, contributing to reduced translation of these deadenylase machinery components and subsequently impaired global maternal mRNA deadenylation. Our findings highlight impaired maternal mRNA deadenylation as a distinct molecular defect in in vitro MII oocytes.