Principal Investigator Positions Open


TIME: 15 Feb 2023
The Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (IGDB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is eager to recruit Principal Investigators at all levels in the fields including (but not limited to): 
--Molecular genetics and genomics 
--Organ/tissue development, regeneration and aging
--Embryo development and cell fate determination
--Metabolic homeostasis and disorders
--Development associated diseases
--Technology innovation
--Crop phenotyping and phenomics 
  --Precision control of traits 
  --Bioinformatics and Big Data analytics 
  --Crop design 
  --Intelligent breeding 
  --De novo domestication 
  IGDB will provide competitive research start-up package and services from the state-of-the-art research facilities including proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, cell imaging, and animal facility to the selected candidates. 
  --Salary: 500,000~800,000 RMB (before tax) per year 
  --One-off Settling-in allowance: 1.2 million RMB 
  --Lab space: 200 m2 
  --Start-up funds: 8-10 million RMB 
  --Two research assistants and graduate students
  --Assistance with enrolling your young children in schools 
  --Health insurance 
  Applicants should hold a PhD degree with outstanding research achievements and complement the existing strengths and interdisciplinary nature of IGDB research. Principal Investigator applicants are expected to have demonstrated academic leadership and strong commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and services. 
  Principal Investigator: Please send your CV, cover letter, three representative publications, a statement of your achievements and future research plans to the Director of the Institute, Dr. Weicai Yang at In addition, 3 letters from suitable referees are requested to be sent to Dr. Yang directly by the referees. 
  About Us
  IGDB was established through the integration of former Institute of Genetics, Institute of Developmental Biology, and Shijiazhuang Institute of Agriculture Modernization in 2001. The Institute is devoted to spearhead researches in modern agriculture and human health. Currently, IGDB hosts over 85 research groups focusing on crop genetics and breeding, plant and animal development, animal model for human diseases, stem cell and tissue engineering, water-saving agriculture. IGDB is affiliated to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), and hosts the Innovative Academy for Seed Design (INASEED), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and recently the Center of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Sciences (CEPAMS) jointly set up with John Innes Center, UK and Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology. The Institute is located at the Olympic Life Science Park next to the Olympic Forest Park, Beijing, where eight CAS life science Institutes are hosted and a vibrant multidisciplinary research atmosphere is expected. 
  During its 60 year history, researchers from IGDB have made breakthrough achievements in agricultural sciences and human health, including Genomics, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, Wide Hybridization and Molecular Breeding. IGDB has become an innovative research hub through integrating scientific research, technological development and application, and an internationally recognized centre of excellence. IGDB ranks the 2nd among all CAS institutions in life sciences by Nature Index, 2019. 
  Prof. Xuerong Xing, Ms. Yinhong Zhang  
  Phone: +86-10-64806520 
  Address: No. 1, West Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100101 China